Power Probe

Dedicated to the creation of innovative, easy to use diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry.

Our Mission

At Power Probe, we believe things should be simple. That’s why we design tools to make complex automotive technology accessible for the modern auto technician. As automotive technology continues to evolve, Power Probe will provide innovative Technology, Engineering, and Knowledge solutions for technicians and consumers alike.


Technology should work for you, not against you, so we design universal, easy-to-use diagnostic tools for the future of the automotive industry. Our innovative products are designed to help you stay ahead of the evolving technology in the auto industry so you can diagnose any electrical issue on any car.


Technology should always be backed by knowledge. Just as we build universal tools to make complex diagnostics simple, we are building a universal knowledge database to make today’s automotive electrical systems easy-to-understand. If you have a question about a complicated auto-tech issue, our knowledge center is here to help provide the answers you need.